The American Cowboy Hat: A Legend In The Making

For a long time The American Cowboy Hat has been considered a legend. It was thought to be created by J.B. Stetson in 1865. On the west coast, Stetson made his large brim and high crown popular. After his traveling companions realized how useful this great hat was on that trip, Stetson started making more cowboy hats to sell.

American Cowboy hats have wide brims and high crowns of varying heights. The first cowboy hats were composed of undyed Beaver fur-felt, making them very lightweight, with wide brims. Additionally, they were waterproof. Current western style trends still have many of these features.

The American cowboy hat, also known as the Boss of the Plains, was worn by ranch hands, cavalry, and farmers -- anyone who worked outdoors all day -- to protect their heads and faces from the harsh elements and hot beating sun. Modern Cowboy hats now come in different colors and personalized brims and crowns. A customer can design their hat around their personal preferences.

Back in the day it was fairly easy to guess where a man lived just by looking at the details displayed on his cowboy hat. People who own cowboy hats are very protective of them. Don't even think about touching another man's hat! This is simply disrespectful and it could get you hurt. The American Cowboy hat is an American legend and will continue to be worn by people no matter their walk of life. A wide array of hats are available at

Today, the American Cowboy Hat is still popular. Movie stars, average Joes, and even the President of the United States may all be seen wearing a cowboy hat. J.B. Stetson produced the first cowboy hats and they are now also manufactured by Eddy, Donhoy, Bailey and Resistol. Throughout the years the design has not changed much. Several Presidents, movie stars, singers, and scientists have one or more cowboy hats in their collections.

The first cowboy hats were essentially one basic design, but now the wearer can choose between a few different styles. Customized hat bands have transitioned into personalized fashion statements. The actor, Dan Blocker, of Bonanza was responsible for popularizing the ten gallon hat. On the television program he wore a long crowned hat. This was known as the ten gallon hat. It's name does not reflect the amount of water it can hold, however it's name is related to the Mexican Sombrero.

A roping hat is a type of cowboy hat. These hats feature a narrower brim and smaller crown which will be less likely to be in the way of a roper throwing his rope. The materials used to make a cowboy hat are beaver fur-felt, straw, leather and wool. The greater the quantity of beaver fur-felt in any given cowboy hat, the better the quality of that hat. To determine the quality look for the markings or x's; 2x denotes the least expensive up to multiple x's for the best quality.

The original American Cowboy Hat that J.B. Stetson first sold cost $5. Today, a vintage cowboy hat can be worth up to $4,000 or more. But, of course, what is cost when it comes to true American Heritage? The American cowboy hat is truly a legend in the making.


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